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Lockdown Day 99 – No Plastic July

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Today we would like to set out a challenge to you as parents. This challenge is about getting yourselves and your families participating in saving our planet and making it a better place for your children and their children.

There are many ways in which you can be involved, but today’s post Is dedicated to:


You can find out all about Plastic Free July on the website The following is an excerpt from their 2019 Annual Report:

“Starting out in 2011 as a local initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council in Western Australia, the Plastic Free July challenge has rapidly grown into a global movement engaging millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. The campaign encourages citizens and businesses to change their behaviour in favour of avoiding single-use plastics and reducing plastic waste.”

The website has many ideas for projects and actions that can shape your family’s commitment. What we would like to emphasise is the importance of engaging in projects like this.

You may remember throughout the posts that were dedicated to Knowledge and Understanding of the World, that we have highlighted the importance of the child’s growing awareness of their cosmic task. This is a word used by Montessori to describe the importance of the work that each human being has to do for the sake of our planet. Children who are shown HOWand WHYtheir contribution matters will have a well-defined purpose in life and a sense of gratitude for the beauty in our lives.

Reasons for being involved in challenges like this as a family:

  • It highlights important local and global issues and offers an opportunity to discuss these within the home setting.
  • Your family’s values and attitudes towards these matters can be established. Guiding your children to make informed decisions throughout life comes from these activities and their ensuing conversations.
  • The values that you as parents deem important for your children form part of their character.
  • Having a strong sense of purpose and a positive outlook on our contributions towards making the world a better place provides children with a sense of security. Ultimately this translates to happier, more secure children who grow up to be more conscientious and positive citizens.

To get you started on the Plastic-Free July Challenge, here are some ideas taken from our resident Earth-Child’s Instagram post – @artbyarnniie

We live in a plastic world. Plastic is present in every part of our daily lives, and the problem is that most plastics are designed to be used briefly, but last forever. Every toothbrush you’ve ever owned and every plastic coffee lid you’ve ever sipped from still exists somewhere.⠀

It has become increasingly difficult to completely rid our lives from all things plastic, but the smallest change in your lifestyle can have a huge impact on the environment.⠀

Here’s a few basic tips to reduce your plastic waste:⠀

1. Say “no thank you” to plastic shopping bags! Remember to take your own reusable bags with you everywhere you go 🛍

2. Use reusable coffee cups or take a seat at your local coffee shop ☕️

️3. Find plastic-free alternatives when buying fruit and veg 🥥

4. Stop buying plastic water bottles and get yourself a reusable one! 🍼

5. Save some baby turtles and say no thank you to plastic straws! 🧃

6. Reduce, reuse and recycle ♻️

Head over to @plasticfreejuly for more information and tips on how to reduce your plastic waste!⠀


We hope that you will be inspired by this and other challenges to embark on with your families! As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world!’

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