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Lockdown Day 78 – NCS Life Skills

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

One of our challenges in ensuring we deliver authentically Montessori experiences for the children in our schools is the dilemma we face when trying to accommodate all of the outcomes required by the South African National Curriculum. It may be interesting for parents to note that we are bound by law to ensure that we deliver no less than a child would receive in traditional school.

Of course, we would all agree that in our Montessori schools, the child receives way more than the curriculum expects in most areas, but there are still expected outcomes that our Montessori curriculum does not specifically include that we need so be mindful of fulfilling. Whether our Montessori preschoolers continue into Montessori primary, or go on to a traditional school, they should have been exposed to the criteria expected by our national curriculum for 5-6 year-olds.

The Life Skills learning area in the national curriculum is about beginning knowledge of our world and practical application of skills to be able to navigate it successfully. Today we will look at a couple of the outcomes that form part of this learning area that you as parents can work on from your side at home.


Your child should know her/his FULL NAME. This is a wonderful time to talk about her/his name. Why was it chosen? Is it a family name? Do all members of the house have the same surname? Why or why not? These conversations provide the child with a sense of security, knowing where s/he fits within the family unit. This is important in developing a positive identity and good self-esteem.

Your child should know her/his ADDRESS. Talk about the house number, street, suburb and city names. If you live in an apartment or complex, the name of the apartment block/complex would be important.

Along with knowing her/his address, help your child memorise a CONTACT CELL PHONE NUMBER.

Talk to your child about what makes her/him SPECIAL. Does s/he have any SPECIAL INTERESTS/ABILITIES/TALENTS? What languages does your child speak? Help her/him identify the name of the language. Again, this builds that sense of identity, belonging and possibly even national pride!

Discuss your FAMILY SET-UP. Who lives in your home? Who else is part of your family? Introduce the children to the concept of a FAMILY TREE. This introduces family relationships and orientates the child to where s/he fits into the family as a whole. This is also a good time to ‘interview’ some of the older family members to find out about their lives, their parents, and so on.

We wish you well as you embark on these crucial conversations within your families! You may learn a lot about each other!


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